Terms and Conditions

Order Cancellations

Because most of our items ship very quickly or are accounted for in our manufacturing orders, we do not allow for cancelations in most instances. Please take extra care when placing an order with us as we want to ensure it is a legitimate order that you are as excited about receiving as we are creating it for you!


We do not keep an active stock of our products as they are all made-to-order or limited-run products. Therefore we do not accept merchandise returns.


Because all of our products are made-to-order or limited runs, we do not exchange products.

Quality Concerns

We want to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the product they receive. When creating Blissfully Bookish we vowed to only offer products of quality that we were personally satisfied with wearing and have maintained that policy since. However, sometimes small, isolated errors slip through the cracks, or something may be damaged in shipment.

All quality concerns must be brought to our attention within 30 days of receiving the product. As long as the product is within this time period (as determined by the “delivered date” via mail tracking) we will replace, reimburse you for the product, or provide a future discount. Depending on the issue and situation, we may ask you to return the merchandise.

Please direct all quality concerns to the contact us form, we will not handle order-specific customer service requests via social media channels. We request that during your initial contact, you provide us images of the concern and either your full name or order number as well so we can take care of it as quickly as possible.

Lost Packages

We are so sorry you have not received your product! We know how frustrating that is, and want to work with you to get it resolved.


If the product has not arrived in a reasonable amount of time and is showing ‘in transit’ via tracking: Packages lost via transit will be assessed for replacement if possible, or reimbursement if we no longer have suitable stock. However, depending on the situation we may ask for patience while we work with the post office on your behalf to find the lost package or while we file an insurance claim. For insurance claims, sometimes it is required by the service to ask the recipient to fill out an IP location-locked form certifying that they have not received the product. Once the search and/or insurance claim has been completed we can move forward with the appropriate action.

We ask that you bring any lost mail to our attention within 90 days of the mail date. Outside of that, we cannot work to replace or reimburse your lost package. Also keep in mind that USPS recycles tracking numbers and if this has happened and the tracking is no longer valid, we cannot reimburse or replace a lost item as we have no information on the package. This can occur anywhere from 30 days from the mail date and beyond.


If the product is shown ‘delivered’ via tracking: Unfortunately, once the tracking is marked ‘delivered’ our hands are somewhat tied on how we can help, as USPS will not help the mailer after the package has reached this status. We see the most success in having the package recipient speak to USPS locally (either their individual mail carrier or the postmaster) and request they provide them the GPS coordinates of when the package was scanned ‘delivered’. If the package was correctly delivered, the recipient will need to pursue this mail theft with their local police department. If the package was incorrectly delivered, please ask USPS to generate a letter stating this (they have a template) and submit this letter to us for reimbursement or re-shipment, this must be done within 30 days of the delivery date.

Chargebacks & Fraud Filings

If a chargeback, PayPal claim, or fraud filing on a Blissfully Bookish purchase is initiated by a customer for any reason, Blissfully Bookish reserves the right to refuse service to that customer in the future. Unfortunately, many bad people use these tactics to scam businesses out of products and money and these actions severely harm small businesses and cause great financial stress to the point of forcing some to close permanently. Chargebacks and fraud filings come with their own $20-$30 non-refundable fee as well as causing the business to lose the order value, and the item itself, additionally, enough of these cause a payment provider to no longer work with a business.

Because of the implications of these actions, once these actions are taken, Blissfully Bookish will block a customer from ordering from both our website and Etsy based on a customer’s IP address, CC info, and personal information. This ban will last indefinitely. Thank you for your understanding!