Iron-on Patch Instructions

Need help adhering your patch to your garment? Here are our recommended steps to follow! We recommend only ironing on patches to fabric made from cotton. Nylon, leather, or rayon fabrics are not ideal, as the heat from the iron may damage the fabric. If you’d like to secure one of our patches to those materials, we recommend sewing it on! If you have any issues or questions please reach out via our contact us form.

Step 1

You’ll need a patch, your garment you wish to secure the patch to, an iron, and a thin fabric item (like a pillow case). Set your garment on a flat surface and decide where you’d like your patch to go.

Step 2

Once you’ve decided where you’d like your patch to go, lay it on the desired area with the design facing up. Place the thin fabric over the patch.

Step 3

Iron your patch through the thin fabric using a cotton setting on your iron. Make sure any steam/moisture is turned off on the iron. Iron for 1-3 minutes with even pressure. Once completed, let patch cool completely.

Step 4

Once your patch is cool, flip the garment inside out and iron the patch through the garment. Let patch & garment cool completely.

Step 5

After your patch and garment is completely cool, check the patch and repeat steps as necessary. If you’d like extra security, you can sew the edges of your patch to your garment. Garments with our patches can go through the wash & dryer, but we recommend using cool settings and ideally letting things air dry if at all possible.