This was such a stunning debut! It’s magical and whimsical and all-around lovely. It’s perfect for fans of Caraval who appreciate magic, beautiful wardrobe, and sassy characters, and I was completely enamored! This whole book is just EXTRA from the characters and their personalities to the description of the world and last (but definitely not least) the STUNNING clothing.

I loved Kallia, who has enough attitude to drive her to stardom and buck the tradition that women can only be assistants to magicians. I’m also a sucker for a dark and broody (possible, but probably doomed) love interest, which comes in the form of Jack. Her maybe captor? Maybe savior? However, there’s also Demarco who is refined and controlled in a dream way.

This book is harkened to be similar to Moulin Rouge and The Phantom of the Opera, which for me was not necessarily a selling point as I’ve actually never watched either. I only know the base lore of Phantom of the Opera, but from what I know there’s definitely lots of similarities, especially revolving around the reoccurring mirrors throughout the book. It does conjure visions of burlesque-type clubs with dimmed lights, opulent chandeliers, velvet seats, and glamour – and it’s wonderful.