Maas rocked her transition into adult fantasy and this book is sure to become a classic along with her other series! It’s completely immersive and fans of her other works will be pleased with this debut. While it’s different enough to keep it interesting it still has very similar marks of Maas’s writing, characters, and worldbuilding.

Be sure to give this book a chance as it does start off as a bit of an information dump (I alternated between reading and listening to the audiobook) and I found myself struggling to keep the different houses and places correct. However, after you reach a certain point it’s like the story kicks into overdrive. Be sure to carve out some time, as from about 60-70% on its non-stop action and completely impossible to put down.

While I would not say it’s my favorite of her books yet, I do thin it holds itself as a contender. Bryce is a fabulous main character with lots of sass and attitude (a la Aelin) but with a modern twist and heavy dose of sexiness. She’s badass and really fun to read. Hunt I think is most similar to Rowan, but a little more carefree and less serious. I loved the smoldering tension between the two – and hope their relationship continues to blossom.

All-in-all a GREAT read and a must-read for current fans of Maas. Don’t let the fact that it’s more urban or categorized as adult scare you away.