Blissfully Bookish was started in May 2017 as a joint project between two best friends and ex-coworkers. Jess and Kathryn both worked in marketing for a firm in Daytona Beach, Florida and became fast friends. Eventually, Jess relocated to Stuart, Florida after her hubby, Mark, started a new job. Jess and Kathryn continued their friendship and looked for ways to incorporate their mutual love of reading and nerdy things into a business idea and Blissfully Bookish Tees was born.
Since May 2017, the Etsy shop continued to grow and the product line expanded to include vinyl decals and other geeky items and soon it was time to start their own website. Their digitally-printed tees and decals remain product favorites and show their commitment to quality. 


Kathryn Wyckoff

Co-Owner & Designer

Hi, I'm Kathryn! Blissfully Bookish has been a real creative outlet for me and a way to share my love of fantasy stories with other fellow fans. I'm an INTJ and a typical introvert, with typical introvert hobbies like reading, video games, and generally embracing my solitude (ha). I'm a Ravenclaw with a little bit of Slytherin tendencies (Slytherclaw, anyone?). When not working on Blissfully Bookish, I have a second Bookish shop in the works, enjoy spending time with my husband (and part-time Blissfully Bookish model), doing anything and everything I can on the water, and loving on my dog, Persephone, and two cats, Theia & Nyx. 







Jess Grassi

Co-Owner & Designer

Hey there, I’m Jess! Blissfully Bookish has helped me dive into graphic design in a way I’ve only dreamed. I’m currently back in school for my graphic design degree and finding out so much about who I am. I’m a Hufflepuff through and through but I am definitely not as nerdy as Kathryn (queen of the nerds!). Outside of the shop I own Jessica Grassi Designs, volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and sit on the board for my local Young Professionals. I have an amazing husband who pushes me to do everything that I’m too afraid to go do myself. Together we have a zoo: a sulcata tortoise, a bunny, and two rescue dogs: Rico (from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma) and Penny.



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