Well READ-acted Literary Satchel - Summer 2020 Theme

Details: Who doesn't love a little creativity in their vocabulary when it comes to expletives? While some may say profanity is a sign of a lazy mind (we think this is poppycock), we always are looking to expand our vocabulary to include additional phrases that just flow right off your tongue. One of the greatest sources of new and fun swears is of course books - so we've decided to create a satchel aimed at making you smarter... and more profane. You're welcome.⁣

  • BOYFRIEND TEE with a hand-illustrated and lettered design by @prettypoppydesign inspired by a wonderfully British saying from a book about the boy who lived. ⁣
  • HARD ENAMEL PIN nspired by a creative swear coined by our favorite half-fae female with questionable ancestry from 🌙🌃.⁣
  • DIE-CUT STICKER and hand-illustrated sticker from a guest artist @alickyhess inspired by Claire, our time-traveling friend who fell in love with a Scottish Highlander.⁣

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